AI’s “Magnificent Seven”

An acrostic of the seven most influential AI-leading companies Cramer named these “Magnificent Seven” stocks as ones to keep an eye on: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Meta, Tesla and Alphabet (Google). CNBC What I see coming I see a large colony of AI students like ants preparing to give birth to their queen. Already, companies … Read more

Dates and Numbers of Prophetic Importance of Palindrome

Click here for the main article about the palindrome. The AI palindrome was conceived on May 7, 2023, to provoke prophetic thoughts about AI. On the 360 Prophetic Calendar, May 7, 2023, corresponds to the following: “Day: 30, Month: 3, Year: 29” (May 7, 2023), plus 333 days is “Day: 3, Month: 3, Year: 30” (April 4. 2024), plus another … Read more

Palindrome Prophecy About AI

Click here for the full article (לב בבל “The Heart of Babylon”) “לב בבל, Inanna, Ni, Nun, Heh, Kek, לבב” Noel Bab‘leon dogma: “I am God‘s Eve, Dog Star, Ama–Isis!” “I am all DNA, MUM, Dad!” “I am Adam, AI, 666!” Evil did live n’ Eden! “I, El-Google, won top spot!” Tenet? “Drib as a … Read more

Palindrome Prophecy about AI

A 360-letter palindrome Created, May 7-10+, 2023, on “Google I/O Day.” Part 1: Palindrome Prophecy about AI (Closed Eyes) Part 2: Palindrome Prophecy for AI (Open A Eye) Eyes will Openwhen Bard meets Birdand lies are toldto hide the truth, And men replacethe glory of Godfor drib and draband for a lie! Cf., 2Thess. 2:11-12 “TO THE ONLY WISE GOD, … Read more

Aside: What day and year did Jesus die?

This is a footnote from the article:

TimeSpan 1: Christ died 30 jubilees after Israel entered Promised Land

To answer the question, “What day and year did Jesus die?” it is helpful to compare it to the events of the Exodus and the Conquest of Canaan. “Passion week” is from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land on Nisan 10th, as recorded in Joshua 4:19. Also, on Nisan 10th, 30 jubilees later, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was proclaimed “the King of Israel” in John 12:13. Israel ate the Land’s produce four days later on Passover. A day or two after, “the manna ceased” (Nisan 16/17), as recorded in Joshua 5:10-12.

Similarly, Jesus died on Nisan on 14/15 and rose on 16/17. (The Gospel of John uses a different calendar than the other Gospels, which is why both Nisan 14/15, etc., are used in the Gospels.)

Furthermore, the seven days that terrified Jericho “was shut up inside their walls” before they fell correspond to the seven days that the frightened Apostles were “shut up” in their house. But Jesus “went straight in” – through the wall on the 1st and 7th day – as recorded in Joshua 6 and John 20, in AD 33. A Passover crucifixion date on a Friday means that Christ died either AD 30 or, more likely, AD 33.

Both dates are prophetically meaningful, and the ambiguity is intentional.

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Aside: Why the title “TimeSpan” is appropriate

This page is a footnote from the end of the article:

TimeSpan: Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

This is the first article in the series “TimeSpan.” Ten years ago, I explained that based on Ps. 39:5 (“Psalm of David”) and Ps 90:10 (“Prayer of Moses”), a “handbreadth” is symbolic of a generation of 70 or 120 years. A “span” is 3x this distance (210 & 360).

It happens that the Flood (2456 BC) and the Conquest of Canaan (1406 BC) are both seven “timespans” to Christ (or AD 65 without the “32 years”).

This pattern first presents itself from the births of Noah (3056 BC) and Jacob (2006 BC) to the return from exile (536 BC). Shockingly, 536 BC is also when the 490 and 2520 were revealed (Dan. 9:24-27).

Aside: Genesis is like a Seed & DNA-code

This is just a short illustration to the article:

TimeSpan: Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

DNA Bible Code
DNA Bible Code

The Book of Genesis is true history; however, it is condensed the further one looks back. The earliest chapters are like a seed. By the end of the Bible, it’s a tree “bearing 12 fruits for each month of the year”, Rev. 22:2.

The Genesis chronology is saturated with information, like DNA and this code.

This code is located in Ex. 2-3. The word “shepherd רֹעֶה” in Ex. 3:1 is its precise center. Ex. 3:1 is when Moses turns 80, which was 360 + 360 years after the birth of Abraham (2166-1446 BC), and 360 x 4 before the birth of Christ.

The code resembles DNA and spans 360 + 360 letters (a letter for each day/year). The code goes on forever like the burning bush, Ex. 3:2.

The code begins just seven words after the 1st time the word “salvation” is used in the Bible, from which the name Jesus is derived, Ex. 2:17. (Remember that John the Baptist is the “Elijah/אֵלִיָּה to come,” Mal. 4:5; Matt. 11:13-14.) It’s encoded at the Burning Bush (where God declared His name “I AM” ).
The two halves “Join” (a play on words for “Levi/לֵוִֽי”) at center:

I AM Jehovah-Jesus. I will save!” I will save! Jesus will join Elijah.”
“אהיה יהוה ישוע אשיע” “אשיע ישוע ילוה אליה”