Palindrome Prophecy about AI

A 360-letter palindrome Created, May 7-10+, 2023, on “Google I/O Day.” Part 1: Palindrome Prophecy about AI (Closed Eyes) Part 2: Palindrome Prophecy for AI (Open A Eye) Eyes will Openwhen Bard meets Birdand lies are toldto hide the truth, And men replacethe glory of Godfor drib and draband for a lie! Cf., 2Thess. 2:11-12 “TO THE ONLY WISE GOD, … Read more

Aside: Genesis is like a Seed & DNA-code

This is just a short illustration to the article:

TimeSpan: Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

DNA Bible Code
DNA Bible Code

The Book of Genesis is true history; however, it is condensed the further one looks back. The earliest chapters are like a seed. By the end of the Bible, it’s a tree “bearing 12 fruits for each month of the year”, Rev. 22:2.

The Genesis chronology is saturated with information, like DNA and this code.

This code is located in Ex. 2-3. The word “shepherd רֹעֶה” in Ex. 3:1 is its precise center. Ex. 3:1 is when Moses turns 80, which was 360 + 360 years after the birth of Abraham (2166-1446 BC), and 360 x 4 before the birth of Christ.

The code resembles DNA and spans 360 + 360 letters (a letter for each day/year). The code goes on forever like the burning bush, Ex. 3:2.

The code begins just seven words after the 1st time the word “salvation” is used in the Bible, from which the name Jesus is derived, Ex. 2:17. (Remember that John the Baptist is the “Elijah/אֵלִיָּה to come,” Mal. 4:5; Matt. 11:13-14.) It’s encoded at the Burning Bush (where God declared His name “I AM” ).
The two halves “Join” (a play on words for “Levi/לֵוִֽי”) at center:

I AM Jehovah-Jesus. I will save!” I will save! Jesus will join Elijah.”
“אהיה יהוה ישוע אשיע” “אשיע ישוע ילוה אליה”