AI’s “Magnificent Seven”

An acrostic of the seven most influential AI-leading companies Cramer named these “Magnificent Seven” stocks as ones to keep an eye on: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Meta, Tesla and Alphabet (Google). CNBC What I see coming I see a large colony of AI students like ants preparing to give birth to their queen. Already, companies … Read more

Dates and Numbers of Prophetic Importance of Palindrome

Click here for the main article about the palindrome. The AI palindrome was conceived on May 7, 2023, to provoke prophetic thoughts about AI. On the 360 Prophetic Calendar, May 7, 2023, corresponds to the following: “Day: 30, Month: 3, Year: 29” (May 7, 2023), plus 333 days is “Day: 3, Month: 3, Year: 30” (April 4. 2024), plus another … Read more

Palindrome Prophecy about AI

A 360-letter palindrome Created, May 7-10+, 2023, on “Google I/O Day.” Part 1: Palindrome Prophecy about AI (Closed Eyes) Part 2: Palindrome Prophecy for AI (Open A Eye) Eyes will Openwhen Bard meets Birdand lies are toldto hide the truth, And men replacethe glory of Godfor drib and draband for a lie! Cf., 2Thess. 2:11-12 “TO THE ONLY WISE GOD, … Read more