Aside: Why the title “TimeSpan” is appropriate

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TimeSpan: Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

This is the first article in the series “TimeSpan.” Ten years ago, I explained that based on Ps. 39:5 (“Psalm of David”) and Ps 90:10 (“Prayer of Moses”), a “handbreadth” is symbolic of a generation of 70 or 120 years. A “span” is 3x this distance (210 & 360).

It happens that the Flood (2456 BC) and the Conquest of Canaan (1406 BC) are both seven “timespans” to Christ (or AD 65 without the “32 years”).

This pattern first presents itself from the births of Noah (3056 BC) and Jacob (2006 BC) to the return from exile (536 BC). Shockingly, 536 BC is also when the 490 and 2520 were revealed (Dan. 9:24-27).

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  1. Hmm, the “Kings of Israel” route does indeed add up to 32 an extra years when not taking into consideration the practice of antedating the reigns of the monarchs of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Cool! 490*30 years to the Death & Resurrection of Christ (His Coronation) from the Conquest of Canaan Judges 8:23 “….The LORD will rule over you!”
    “Antedating was a system where time of reign would be measured in such a way that the 1st year of reign would begin from accession to the beginning of the new year. For example, a King began to reign in Dec. 10th, 2000 and then finished his reign January 10th, 2001. In this case, he would have reigned for two years, because December 10th, 2000 to December 31st, 2000 counts as 1 year, and then he reigned into the ‘next year’. Postdating, however, was a system where time of reign would be measured in such a way that the 1st year of reign begins at the new year. Thus, if a king begins his reign on Jan. 10th, 2014, a year would not be credited until he reached Jan. 10th, 2015 in his term. Israel seems to have followed Egypt’s practice of antedating, which does not seem unusual since Jeroboam, their first king, spent much time in Egypt before his reign. Judah, on the other hand, may have used the system of antedating at certain points.”


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