Aside: Why the title “TimeSpan” is appropriate

This page is a footnote from the end of the article:

TimeSpan: Bible numbers plus chronology are a language

This is the first article in the series “TimeSpan.” Ten years ago, I explained that based on Ps. 39:5 (“Psalm of David”) and Ps 90:10 (“Prayer of Moses”), a “handbreadth” is symbolic of a generation of 70 or 120 years. A “span” is 3x this distance (210 & 360).

It happens that the Flood (2456 BC) and the Conquest of Canaan (1406 BC) are both seven “timespans” to Christ (or AD 65 without the “32 years”).

This pattern first presents itself from the births of Noah (3056 BC) and Jacob (2006 BC) to the return from exile (536 BC). Shockingly, 536 BC is also when the 490 and 2520 were revealed (Dan. 9:24-27).

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